In their quest for discovery and the expansion of their species, humans have discovered and colonized numerous galaxies and solar systems.


  • Average production level

  • Average technology level

  • Average army level


“Cybots” is a term used by humans to refer to the droids who have returned to Earth to offer their knowledge and discoveries to humans. The Cybots have become much smarter compared to when they left the earth more than 500 years ago. Their Silicon batteries boost their intelligence and they are no longer docile and manageable machines.


  • Low production level

  • High technology level

  • Average army level


The Teu are a proud race of aliens with a high production capacity, however, their travel technology is a bit primitive when compared to other races. The Teu are a very proud race and can be extremely dangerous.


  • High production level

  • Low technology level

  • Average army level

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