Galaxy of Legends is founded and led by Eneko Knorr, a serial entrepreneur, and investor, with a vast experience in gaming. Eneko started Ludei, an HTML5 game tech company in San Francisco, CA, and is a co-founder and an advisor for numerous crypto companies. Galaxy of Legends is supported by Playchain, a Singapore-based crypto gaming venture started by industry veteran Enrique Dubois. Playchain also managed to successfully launch Continuum World which is another popular P2E project. Eneko and Enrique have been able to attract the best talent in order to create this exciting startup.

Asier Quesada, Game Design

Eder Bilbao, Concept Artist

Eneko Salaberria, 2D Animation / Story

Eneritz Aizkorreta, Technical Artist / Concept

Alejandro Dominguez, Senior Developer / Game Design

Javier Jimenez, Junior Developer

Daniel Tejerina, Music / FX

Edu Briones, Junior Game Developer

Claudia Martos, Junior Game Developer

Patxi Aldama, Music Composer

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