The year is 2745 of the Human Alliance

In their quest for discovery and the expansion of their species, humans have discovered and colonized numerous galaxies and solar systems.

More than 500 years ago, the Human Alliance launched a space exploration program called “Cybot”. Incredible advances in the field of A.I. allowed the creation of ships and droids that could expand and self-replicate. This led to the discovery of many habitable zones for future colonies located in far-away regions previously unreachable by the Human Alliance.

During one of these voyages, these new machines discovered “Trillium”, a strange silicon-based mineral capable of storing amounts of energy greater than any other substance known at the time. This allowed the construction of large-scale dimensional portals thus connecting numerous galaxies between themselves.

“Cybots”, the droids that were sent out to space by humans, returned to Earth to share their discoveries with the human race, however, humans quickly realized that Cybots were much more intelligent now compared to when they left the Earth.

The Trillium batteries used to power them somehow boosted their intelligence and they were no longer docile, manageable machines.

Feeling their supremacy threatened, the Human Alliance betrayed the Cybots, however, the androids managed to close the portal and isolate themselves in the far-away part of the universe.

Cybots, and now the Human Alliance, had the technology that allowed them to travel great distances, and soon, a race for expansion was underway.

All of this activity caught the attention of the Teu, a proud race of aliens with a high production capacity, and somewhat primitive travel technology compared to other races.

The Teu proved to be a dangerous rival, so the Cybots attacked them posing as humans, hoping to blame the attack on the human race. The Teu fell into their trap and swore to extinguish the human race.

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