Exploration: Discover new worlds, planets, and cities. Send out planetary probes and colonize galaxies. Battles: High-tech ship battles, planetary defenses, and strategic military strikes. Trade: Create trade routes, exchange minerals, and build empires. Upgrades: Improve your spaceships, trading infrastructures, weapons, and harvesting capabilities. Upgrade your hero’s abilities as well as those of your settlers and soldiers.


Online Multiplayer: Compete and partner with other players to earn tokens and NFTs in order to build an empire.

Quests: Unique missions for heroes. There are special guns, spaceships, and technology hidden in the universe.


Galaxies: In space, galaxies are formed by a multitude of planetary systems. However, in order to achieve intergalactic travel, a sufficiently advanced level of technology and civilization is required.

Solar Systems: Each solar system contains a multitude of planets. Through a range of colors, players will be able to determine which materials predominate in that solar system. Different types of planets exist within a galaxy including dead planets, special planets, habitable planets, and asteroids.


Different types of planets can be found within each solar system.

Capital: Allow players to establish capitals or city-states in each solar system. Spices: Allow players to extract spices. Habitable: Allow players to gather food for their empire. Minerals: Allow players to gather resources for their manufacturing needs. Asteroids: Allow players to gather resources, but we can’t establish bases on them.


Each planet can feature a number of different types of cities which are sorted according to their primary role. Among them are those focused on infrastructure, military research, resource gathering, and space architecture.


The Combat system has been designed to derive an excellent gaming experience from the player’s strategy and tactical deployment skills. The main units under the player’s control are various types of ships. This is complemented by a multitude of weapons ranging from small caliber to planetary range, advanced and elite foot soldiers, as well as other types of units such as ambassadors, spies, and colonists. These units are always led by a hero.

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