Galaxy of Legends

Official Galaxy of Legends Whitepaper v. Alpha, last update July 2022

Galaxy of Legends is a browser massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game that puts the player in charge of the human, droid, and alien heroes. Alongside the heroes, players are given command over vast armies of state-of-the-art ships and trade networks which they can use to build their own empire and conquer the Universe.


Galaxies are formed from a multitude of planetary systems and require knowledge of intergalactic travel to be explored. To achieve this, a sufficiently advanced level of technology and civilization is required.

Solar Systems contain a multitude of planets and other celestial bodies. Based on the color of the planet, players can figure out which materials are dominant in that solar system. Various types of planes exist including dead planets, special planets, habitable planets, and asteroids.


Each solar system can contain different types of planets. Capital: Players can establish capitals or city-states in each solar system. Spices: Players can extract spices. Habitable: Players can obtain food for their empire. Minerals: Players can gather resources for the manufacturing of units, etc. Asteroids: Players can gather resources from them, but can’t establish bases on them.


Each planet can feature a number of different types of cities which are sorted according to their primary role. Among them are those focused on infrastructure, military research, resource gathering, and space architecture.


  • Multiple game modes

  • Flexible monetization models

  • An NFT-based game that encourages active engagement

  • Exponential growth thanks to the different Spaces, Planets & Cities as well as Heroes & Races

​GAME MODES Online Multiplayer: Compete and partner with other players to earn tokens and NFTs in order to build an empire.

Quests: There are many secrets hidden within the universe waiting to be uncovered such as special weapons, spaceships, and technology.

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